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The Science New Wave Pass gives you access to screenings in-person and a selection of films virtually and all for the duration of the Science New Wave Festival XVI from October 20 to 27, 2023

How to get a Science New Wave Festival Pass
1. Get your festival pass here via our partnering platform Labocine.
2. Create an HABITAT profile to plug into our art/science ecosystem by completing info in Account section
3. Participate in the Genetic Code at the Movies Challenge (see below).
~ A festival pass automatically gives you one-year Science New Wave membership.
~ If you are already a Science New Wave member, you have a pass already!
~ You can present a confirmation of the festival pass purchase or your Science New Wave DNA ID at any of our screenings.
Otherwise, find individual program tickets on our Schedule.
Our single-purchase tickets to Cinema Village Screenings are available on the venue site and on our Schedule + Film Lineup. (next to each film/program)

Answers to your questions below

The 16th Annual Science New Wave will open its physical doors to all of you at Cinema Village from Oct 20-26. I know we all want to buy our single tickets but first... a bit of history. Cinema Village is located in New York's Greenwich Village, specializing in provocative foreign and independent film. Built in 1963 in the shell of a turn of the century fire station, Cinema Village is the oldest continuously operated cinema in Greenwich Village and one of the oldest continuously operated art cinemas in New York City. Purchase single tickets by visiting the Cinema Village site or going through the Calendar.

Genetic Code at the Movies Challenge

This is our version of a scavenger hunt fused with cinema and some sub-cellular biology! Unique genetic sequences corresponding to each of our film programs will be available upon request at our information desk at the end of each of our screenings at Cinema Village.

1. Become a Science New Wave Member and get your 12-base-pair DNA identifier.

2. Create and publish your Labocine Habitat Profile.

3. Attend three programs and ask for the unique program-specific Genetic Codes

4. Email with the three genetic codes (title your email "Genetic Code at the Movies")

If you follow all this, you will be given special SNW Luminary status and get a special Science New Wave gift bag. You will need to pick up your gift in person and show us a confirmation email that you successfully completed the challenge.
I am part of this year's festival. Any comp tickets?

Of course! But space is limited. If you'd like to get comp tickets please just reach out to us with more info about yourself, what you need, when, and how you're connected to the festival.

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