2nd Imagine Science Film Festival
October 15 - 24, 2009

Opening Night Film Program

8 PM | Tribeca Cinemas

2000: A Documentary Science Fiction
, Andrey Paounov, Bulgaria, 7 min
Chance Are, Josh Kameyer, USA, 13 min
So Far and Soar, Jocelyn Chaput, Canada, 11 min
After Tomorrow, Emma Sullivan, UK, 15 min
Les Outils, Simon Laganiere, Canada, 8 min
Problems, Mike Paterson, UK, 8 min
Dharini, Anupama Pradhan, USA, 21 min
Inside Me, Gintas Tirillis, Canada, 4 min
Extropy, Jonathan Sanden, USA, 16 min
Ginger, Nick Rutter and Dr. Helen Cooper, UK, 7 min

Followed by a performance from Love Like Deloreans


Feature | In Search of Memory

8 PM | Tribeca Cinemas

Memory is everything. Without it we are nothing.

In Search of Memory, Petra Seeger, Germany, 95 min

Followed by a Q&A with Eric Kandel.


Short Film Program | Fantasy, Imagination, and Experimental Shots

8 PM | Galapagos Art Space

The Strange Rebirth of Andre Weil, Joe Garber, USA, 17 min
Parallelostory, Kelly Meador & Daniel Elwing, USA, 3 min
Five, Graeme Hawkins, UK, 3 min
6ft. in 7min., Rafael del Toro, USA, 14 min
Dreams of a Scientist, Yaron Bar, Israel, 2 min
Abigail, Emily Yoshida, USA, 13 min
Coagulate, Mihai Grecu, France, 6 min
The Incident at Tower 37, Chris Perry, USA, 11 min
Improvisation no. 2, Fred Viola, USA, 3 min
The Attack of the Robots from Nebula-5, Chema Garcia Ibarra, Spain, 6 min


Short Film Program | Kid-Friendly Science Shorts

2 PM | NY Hall of Science

Skylight, David Baas, Canada, 4 min
Skylab, Mark Landsman, USA, 12 min
Malice in Wonderland: The Red Queen Theory, Ed Watkins, USA, 5 min
The Misinventions of Milo Weatherby, William Whirity, USA, 23 min
Killers on Earth, Jeff Bruno, USA, 2 min
Wormhole Chasers, Gregory Zymet, USA, 4 min
Universal Superkinetics, Jackson Admas, USA, 11 min
Psych Out, Tim Pyle, USA, 5 min
Leonardo, Jim Capobianco, USA, 10 min


Feature | The Clone Returns Home

8 PM | Tribeca Cinemas

Cloning is no longer a science fiction, but a reality. Technology is such that a cloned human's mind can be implanted and totally merged with the memories of its forebears.

The Clone Returns Home, Kanji Nakajima, Japan, 110 min


Short Film Program | Quirky Science Shorts

8 PM | The Bell House

Naming Pluto, Ginita Jimenez, UK, 13 min
Animated Minds, Andy Glynne, UK, 10 min
The Moth and the Firefly, Daniel Stedman and Aron Epstein, USA, 5 min
PCR Rap, Zachary Charlop-Powers, USA, 4 min
MEPE, Claire, Bardet, France, 7 min
Lab Waste, Eva Amsen, USA, 4 min
The Exquisite Corpse of Science, Tim Jones, Arko Olesk, & Graham Paterson, UK, 9 min
A Micrometer from Here, Amit Zakai, Israel, 6 min
Natural Selection, A.J. Korkidakis, Canada, 10 min


Feature and Discussion | Quantum Quest

7 PM | CUNY Graduate Center

Dave, a photon who lives in the sun, is drawn into a battle between the core and the void.

Quantum Quest, Dan St. Pierre & Harry Kloor, USA, 45 min


Short Film Program | Documentary Shorts

7 PM | CUNY Graduate Center

Magnetic Movie
, Ruth Jarman & Joe Gerhardt, UK, 5 min
Decoding Alan Turing, Christopher Racster, UK, 17 min
Hairytale, Lisa Forrest, UK, 7 min
Babbage, Claire Barker, UK, 15 min
The Ecstasy and Agony of Planet X, Chas Miller, USA, 13 min
Big Bang Day, Mike Paterson, UK, 8 min
What's the Matter at CERN?, Christopher Butcher, Canada, 16 min
Planes Lapse, Armando Accardo, Italy, 2 min


Feature | Sizzle

7 PM | New School | Tishman Theater

Olson sets out to make a global warming documentary, but first he must confront his cameraman, a global warming skeptic.

Sizzle, Randy Olson, USA, 84 min
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