Want to become a Luminary Member?

First, you need to join the Science New Wave on the Labocine platform. Luminary reviews and decisions take place on a rolling basis.

However, to be considered for the voting committee of the Science New Wave Festival (October 2024), we need to receive your application by August 26, 2024.

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Science New Wave Luminary Awards
Every year, the Science New Wave selects sixty four films and showcases them at the New York-based Science New Wave Festival. These works propose a visionary look on how to bring science into film.

The 64 films have been completed in the last year and selected by our programming team. They vary widely in form, content, and length. The number 64 corresponds to the 64 possible nucleotide triplets (four possible nucleotides - A, T/U, C, G - in groups of 3) of the Genetic code. Each of these selected films will receive a Science New Wave Certificate.

Our films are eligible for several awards and cash prizes listed below. These awards are voted by our Science New Wave Luminary Members.

The Science New Wave Award goes to a film in competition that demonstrates a bold and inventive approach to scientific storytelling. Its affinity with the Science New Wave is gauged by how much it expresses the 6 traits of the Science New Wave manifesto.

The Theme-Sensitive Award recognizes a film that brings this year's festival theme: (art)ficial to the screen in singular fashion.

The In Vivo Award goes to a film that paints a daring yet realistic portrait of a scientist and/or other non-human organism.

The Avant-Garde Award celebrates the film that best expresses hybrid aesthetics and experimentation.

The Symbiosis Award is given every year for the Symbiosis scientist/filmmaker competition.
This is the only award that is decided by its own Symbiosis Jury.
The Science New Wave Awards, presented at our annual festival, are voted by our Science New Wave Luminary Members.

These pioneering SNW Luminary Members include scientists, artists, filmmakers, journalists, researchers, and hybrids of all types from around the world who have inspired us in their approaches to scientific storytelling. Their vision has shaped the very birth of the Science New Wave Manifesto. They are the key players of a growing ecosystem and propel its ongoing evolution forward. They play a decisive role in highlighting the latest crop of bold science cinema.
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