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Imagine Science Films is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization in existence since 2008 that celebrates hybrid works and fostes cross-breeding at the intersection of science & cinema.
A short piece on our Origins.
How a film festival was imagined by scientists with no film experience at The Rockefeller University
Imagine Science Films (ISF) hosts the Science New Wave Film Festival in New York since 2008. The festival takes place in diverse venues, including cinemas, universities and museums across the five boroughs of New York.

ISF selects the latest crop of motion pictures - documentary, fiction, animation, video art, installation, VR/AR & hybrid - that aligns with the idea(l) of the Science New Wave movement and presents them at the annual festival.

ISF extends its reach through satellite events around the world. It has organized screens and full-fledged festivals in Abu Dhabi, Singapore, Berlin, Chicago, Dublin, Quito, Bologna, Hong Kong, Athens, San Francisco, Oslo, Warsaw and Geneva.

ISF seeks to challenge and expand the role of science in the current cultural discourse by providing a forum for adventurous interdisciplinary collaboration. The Symbiosis initiative, supported by The Simons Foundation, pairs scientists and filmmakers who create together singular works of science cinema during the annual festival.

ISF partners with science film platform Labocine and its PRO feature, to connect and partner with organizations and bring its films to diverse audiences beyond the physical festival.

ISF is committed to featuring the researchers, artists scientists and educators that have built theScience New Wave community via the growing and evolving Habitat ecosystem.

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