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Imagine Science FIlms & LABOCINE
As we approach our 15th anniversary, the Imagine Science Film Festival partners with our sister platform to create an online art/science community called HABITAT, a global online network promoting collaboration between scientists, filmmakers, and artists.
It has never been more important to connect scientists with visual storytellers of all stripes in order to broaden public understanding and appreciation of science.

On HABITAT you'll be able to spark collaborations, join science/art projects, browse profiles, discover events, post jobs, contribute films/projects, chat science + art and much more. It will provide the foundation for new ideas to provoke change and scientific activism.

How to join Habitat
Sign up
Sign up to
Fill out your account info at
Create a Habitat handle
(ex: mariecurie)
Feature your profile to go public
Head over to Habitat Homepage at
Check out our community and discover our Habitat members.
Help us build it!
We want scientists, engineers, artists, filmmakers, journalists, distributors, curators, performers, writers, cinephiles, magicians, animators - hybrids, you name it!
Check out what is in the works ...
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