4th Imagine Science Film Festival
October 14 - 21, 2011

Opening Night Feature | Mr. Nobody

8 PM | Museum of the Moving Image

In the year 2092, 117 year old Nemo is the last living mortal. Nemo attempts to guide us through the stages of his life, but when his memory begins to fail, it becomes increasingly difficult to separate the real and the imaginary.

Mr. Nobody, Jaco Van Dormael, 2009, USA/Belgium, 155 min.

Followed by a panel discussion exploring theories of memory and consciousness.

After-screening party at Studio Square.


Short Film Program | Reaching Space

3 PM | Museum of the Moving Image

Naia and the Moon, Leandro Tadashi, 2010, Brazil, 13 min
Eclipse of Taregna, Rakesh Chaudhary, 2010, India, 21 min
Cassini Mission, Christopher Abbas, USA, 2 min
Looking Up, Graham & Nelson Talbot, 2011, Canada, 15 min
Picture Perfect, Vincent Fournier, 2010, USA, 18 min
Shuttle Endeavor: Final Launch, Chase Heafener, 2011, USA, 5 min
Spacefaring, Felipe Aguilar, 2011, Columbia, 8 min
Yuri Lennon Landing on Alpha 46, Anthony Vourdous, 2011, Germany, 14 min

Short Film Program | Avant-Garde Science

8 PM | Anthology Film Archives

Everything Is a Remix
, Kirby Ferguson, USA, 2011, 11 min
Telegraphics, Antoine Delacharlery et al, 2010, France, 7 min
(In)Visible, Sonja Bäumal, 2009, Austria, 4 min
The Chronoscope, Andrew Legge, 2009, Ireland, 20 min
The World of Synthetic Biology, Klemen Trupej, 2011, Slovenia, 2 min
Found Footage: The Telephone, Archival, 1 min
Thorium Dream, Alex Pasternak, 2011, USA, 25 min
Man Machine, Vincent Fournier, 2010, Japan, 5 min
Time Freak, Andrew Bowler, 2010, USA, 11 min


Short Film Program | Science for Nanos

2 PM | New York Hall of Science

Do You Know What Nano Means?

Archeology Experts
Apollo 15
A Love Story in Milk
When I am 18
Creature Cast: Tangled String
Refraction - The Alphabet
Willem and the Whales
Dinosaur Ballet
Creature Cast: Hollow Trees
Lost and Found
How to Feed the World?

Short Film Program | Genetic Attraction

7 PM | Museum of the Moving Image

, Patrick Griffiths, 2011, UK, 7 min
The Action of Attraction, Kevin Collins, 2011, USA, 8 min
Donor Unknown, Jerry Rothwell, 2010, USa, 78 min


Controlled Experiments

8 PM | The Bell House

Compressed 02, Kim Pimmel, 2011, USA, 2 min
E Chromi, Alexandra Daisy Ginsberg, 2011, UK, 5 min
Bench Work! & Centrifugation!, Field Test, 2011, USA, 3 min
Found Footage: Genetics, Archival, 4 min
How Long, The AMS-2 Experiment, Michele Famiglietti, USA, 3 min
Greenhouse Soundscape, Ian B. Johnson, 2011, USA, 1 min
Blank, Boris Hars-Tschachotin, 2011, Germany, 6 min
Creature Cast: Footage from the Deep, Sophia Tintori, 2010, USA, 2 min
Birth of a Flower, Percy Smith, 1910, USA, 1 min
The Chosen & We Rule, Catherine Chalmers, 2011, USA, 7 min
Stanley Milgram: The City and the Self, 1972, USA, 10 min
Breast Stem Cells, Etsuko Uno & Drew Barry, 201, Australia, 3 min
Protein Expression, Monica Zoppe, 2010, Italy, 5 min
Fossil Carrion Feeders, Federico Pardo, 2011, Usa, 5 min
Transgenic Spidergoats, Field Test 2010, USA, 6 min
Chasing Birds in Beringia, Stephani Gordon, 2011, USA, 10 min
Solar Sinter Project, Marcus Kayser, 2011, Usa, 6 min
Experience Mobile Mobile, James Theophane, 2009, USA, 2 min
Four Letter Word, Rob Seward, 2010, USA, 2 min


Short Film Program | Ciencas Cinematograficas

8 PM | IndieScreen

Guest Country Initiative 2011: Mexico in Partnership with Nature NY & New Scientist.

The Perfect Human, Andres Cota Hiriart, 2009, Mexico, 3 min
Tungsten Nights, Maria Torres Camacho, 2010, Mexico, 8 min
Flesh that Remembers, Dalia Heurta Cano, 2009, Mexico, 26 min
An Incomplete Guide to Finding Home, Andres Cota Hiriart, 2011, Mexico, 6 min
2042, Emiliano Castro Vizcarra, 2010, Mexico, 10 min
Atmosphere, Julian Hernandez, 2010, Mexico, 15 min
Invasion, Alberto Mar, 2009, Mexico, 4 min
In Lab, 2 min


Retrospective Feature | Flatliners

7 PM | CUNY Graduate Center

In partnership with the National Academy of the Sciences' The Science and Entertainment Exchange and Science & Arts at CUNY.

When medical students bring themselves near death, their experiments begin to go awry.

Flatliners, Joel Schumacher, 1990, UK / Scotland, 115 min.

Followed by a panel discussion with director Joel Schumacher, Dr. Benjamin Abella, and Christian Macedonia, M.D., moderated by RadioLab host Jad Abumrad.


Panel Discussion | Celluloid Science: Humanizing Life in the Lab

8 PM | New York Academy of the Sciences

A conversation on the ability of film to human science, moderated by popular science journalist Carl Zimmer, with Sean Carroll, Dr, Heeger, Dr. Valerie Weiss, and Dr. Darcy Kelley.


Closing Night Film Program | Time Sensitive

8:30 PM | Symphony Space

Eagleman Stage
, Mikey Please, 2010, UK, 9 min
The Sierra Project, Gabriel de Urioste, 2011, USA, 15 min
The Reality Clock, Amanda Tasse, 2010, USA, 8 min
The Dying Physicist, Sam Molleur, 2011, USA, 3 min
The End of the Olmsted Tree, Ryan Murdock, 2011, USA, 2 min
Planet Z, Momoko Seto, 2011, France, 9 min
Life After the Death of Henrietta Lacks, Matthias Thery, 2004, France, 24 min
Drift, Ian B. Johnson, 2010, USA, 8 min
Until, Barry Gibbs, 2010, USA, 30 min
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