Friday, October 17
Opening Night Short Films and Panel | Exploration in the 4th Dimension

7 PM | Google NY

Join Imagine Science Films for opening night of the 7th annual Imagine Science Film Festival at Google New York. The evening will include a shorts screening, panel & reception introducing us to the theme of "time" through the program Exploration in the 4th Dimension followed by a panel moderated by science writer Carl Zimmer. The night's films investigate color development in butterfly wings, psychological illness from three different perspectives, and Kurt Gödel's theories on time travel, among many other compelling topics.

Film Program:

Butterfly Wing Development
The Weight of Mountains
Through the Hawthorn
Blood Moon Time Lapse #4
Tape Generations
Gödel, Incomplete
Time Crunch
15,000 Volts

Rachel Sussman
Aubrey de Grey
Fernanda B. Viégas
Carl Zimmer
Saturday, October 18
Short Film Program| Time Travelogues

1:30 PM | New School | Wollman Hall

Join Imagine Science Films shorts program Time Travelogues, exploring historical science across the globe, followed by Q&A. Witness stories inspired by pivotal events of the past, including the discovery of Ebola in 1976, the onset of the atomic era in the 1940s, and NASA's launch of the Golden Record aboard its spacecraft in 1977.

Film Program:

Afronauts Fumiya Island
Beetle Bluffs
Nzara '76
The Atom Bomb
My Face is in Space

Q&A Participants:

Adrianne Wortzel (Fumiya Island)
Anna Lindemann (Beetle Bluffs)
Vanessa Gould & Jascha Hoffman (The Atom Bomb)
Jon Noble (Nzara '76)
Short Film Program| A 16mm History of Looking

3:00 PM | Spectacle

Science and cinema have been connected since the origins of the medium, with film technique often developed for the examination, dissection, and documentation of the world around us. In this program of exceptionally beautiful vintage documentaries from the 16mm collection of Brooklyn film archivist Movie Mike, we'll look into the methods and history of exotic imaging that places cinema in the service of science. We'll see high-speed stroboscopic, time-lapse, slow-motion and micrographic imaging, from Doc Edgerton's original micro-second MIT studies to a universe-spanning film written by Asimov to an idiosyncratic glimpse at the microscopic world from a bible institute. And with all films shown in their lavish original 16mm format!

The 16mm selection will be preceded by the newly rediscovered and restored 1974 documentary "Exploratorium", a mind-and-eye-bending observation into the exhibits and workings of the eponymous San Francisco science museum in the 1970s. An early work by filmmaker Jon Boorstin, the film was actually nominated for an Academy Award that year.

Movie Mike will be on-hand to present the 16mm program, and "Exploratorium" will be introduced by the museum's own Samuel Sharkey and Liz Keim!

Art Exhibition| Transformations in Time and Space

4 PM | New School | Skybridge Art Space

The 7th Annual Imagine Science Film Festival collaborates with Eugene Lang College the New School for Liberal Arts and Parsons the New School for Design to bring an art exhibit centered around the theme of time. As science and technology advance, our ability to communicate change over time must evolve if we are to engage a diverse audience in informed decision making. Some projects were created by students in the first- year courses Time at Parsons The School for Design and Biology, Art, and Social Justice at Eugene Lang College The New School For Liberal Arts and Parsons The New School for Design. The Stem Cells Across The Curriculum (SCAC) project was a collaborative effort involving students and faculty at The New School over multiple years and the Indiana University based collective Places and Spaces: Mapping Science has donated scientific infographics for the duration of this exhibit. The exhibit focuses on visual literacy to expand our understanding and influence our perception of the "shape" and passage of time as we engage in activities across various spaces.

Feature| The Creeping Garden

7 PM | New School | Kellen Auditorium

Join Imagine Science Films for a film screening of the New York premiere of The Creeping Garden, a feature documentary on the art and science of slime mold, followed by panel discussion with Dr. Oliver Medvedik, Biologist and Co-Founder of DIY lab Genspace, and Orit Halpern, Science Historian and Artist, moderated by Dr. Katayoun Chamany, Founder of the Interdisciplinary Science Program at Eugene Lang College. The films in this program reveal an unseen world: the microstructure of packed snow, crystallization of sugar at a microscopic level, and the slime mold that creeps beneath our feet.

Film Program:

Avalanche Engineers
Microscope Time-Lapse: Sugar Crystalizing out of Solution

The Creeping Garden
Feature| The Infinite Man

9 PM | Wythe Hotel

Where would science and sci-fi be without mind-bending time-loop cinema? Seeking to perfect an anniversary trip, an outsider scientist traps himself and his girlfriend in a tangled repetition of a single day, comedy moving aside to reveal a rumination on how we fall into patterns, try to control the uncontrollable, and sometimes even get the self-insight to move forwards and repair our fraying relationships.

Film Program:

The Infinite Man
Sunday, October 19

11 AM | New School

Join the 7th Annual Imagine Science Film Festival and Eugene Lang College Associate Professor of Biology Katayoun Chamany in a hands-on workshop! Come use living paint to curate artworks in a Petri dish that over time reveal how environmental signals influence the behavior and color of microbial populations. The paints are bacteria, some naturally occurring in a range of colors depending on environmental conditions and others artificially engineered to reveal a color in the presence of a specific environmental signal. This latter genetic technology allows scientists to trace the movement of genes across time and space and ultimately across species, as well as detect environmental toxins in our environments. The results of the work will be showcased in the Gallery Exhibition.
Performance | Inventory - Objects Under Oath

1 PM | Made in NY Media Center by IFP

In line with the festival theme of "time," ISF is excited to co-host a long durational performance piece in collaboration with Marina Abramovic Institute. Inventory: Under Objects Under Oath is a long durational performance by writer Chelsea Hodson. Every day for 656 consecutive days, Hodson has used her blog to catalog, photograph, and write about every individual object she owns. On Sunday, October 19th, she will read the project in its entirety. The performance and its accompanying live stream will be presented by Marina Abramovic Institute in collaboration with Imagine Science Films.

Throughout the piece, the audience may submit their own written experience on how their environment has affected them. After all, we are not only genes, but also our environment. The results will be anonymously documented online after the performance.
Short Film Program| Modern Animals

1:30 PM | New School | Wollman Hall

Join Imagine Science Films at The New School to ponder modernity and the nature film. We will explore animal habitats from dens and burrows to the open skies, from urban environments to ocean ecosystems.

Film Program:

Applied Metacinema
Burrow Cams
The Divide
Frog Embryo Development
Symphony no. 42
To Fly or Not to Fly
The Wapiti
Flight of a Small Northern Cloudyspot
IR Planet
All What is Somehow Useful
The Coral Reef are Dreaming Again
Slow Life
Short Film Program| Time Control & the 48 Hour Film Competition

7 PM | Made in NY Media Center by IFP

Final screening of the six 48 Hour Science-Film Competition shorts, sponsored by Tribeca Film Institute, Nanotronics & Panavision, followed by shorts program Time Control, panel & reception. Explore various concepts that constitute time control: animation, re-animation, and manipulation of time, illustrated through the lens of science fiction.

Film Program:

Small Brains en Masse
Living Fossil
Kangaroos Can't Jump Backwards
Flowering Plants – The Right Timing
Secrets of the Hummingbird's Tongue
Los Andes
Living Still Life
Compressed 03
Root Tip Regeneration in Arabidopsis

Q&A Participants:
Noriko & Don Carroll (Secrets of the Hummingbird's Tongue)
Dennis Hlynsky (Small Brains en Masse)
Monday, October 20
Feature| Focus on Infinity

7 PM | Museum of the Moving Image

Join Imagine Science Films at The Museum of the Moving Image for New York premiere of the 2014 feature film, Focus On Infinity, to explore the origin of our existence. Focus on Infinity journeys through the unknown, offering insight into technological development as a means of biological discovery, the structures of our intellect and imaginations, and our perennial desire to understand this world.

Focus on Infinity
Tuesday, October 21
Retrospective Feature| Je t'aime je t'aime

7 PM | Anthology Film Archives

For our annual retrospective, screening ISF is excited to present Alain Resnais' essential 1968 disjunctive-time sci-fi romance. Time travel and memory recall

Film Program:

Cristina #2
Je T'aime, Je T'aime
Short Film Program | Non-Sequential Recall

9 PM | Anthology Film Archives

Following the feature film, Je T'Aime, Je T'Aime, join us for a continuation on the theme of time and memory for a shorts program, Non-Sequential Recall. The concept of remembering is fraught with questions: what is the line between what is real and what is not? What would it be like to live each day in exactly the same way? Which is worth more to us: the past or the future? The films in this program consider such questions, as they delve into complex ideas surrounding mind, memory, and mental re-arrangement.

Film Program:

Blame in on the Seagull
Escape from Planet Tar
Devil in the Room
The Human Condition

Q&A Participants:

Jeannette Louie (Amygdala)
Kelly Loudenberg (Permanent Present)
Wednesday, October 22
Short Film Program | Intimate Portraits of Lifespan and Disease

6 PM | The Rockefeller University | Carson Family Auditorium

Personal monologues dissecting all facets of health from birth to death and the time in between. Narratives range from the fantastical tale of a test subject girl turned into a chimera, to a true account of three New Yorkers and their experiences with lithium and Bipolar. Whether fictional or real, each short illuminates the intricacies and struggles of existence.

Film Program:

Ab Ovo
Our Curse
Airy Me
Living in Space
Lithium: Manhattan, Manic City
Sequence of a Life

Q&A Participants:

Dr. Ronald R. Fieve (Lithium)
Shakhbut Saeed al Kaabi (Sequence of Life)
Thursday, October 23
Short Film Program | We Already Live in the Future

7:30 PM | Pioneer Works

Join us for the 7th Annual Imagine Science Festival's penultimate event, beginning with a shorts program that focuses on modernity, retrofuture, and the scientific hyperpresent. All awards will be announced afterwards, and the night will conclude with an exciting performance by Neon Indian (DJ set). Also visit the Rachel Sussman gallery at your leisure throughout the evening. Food and drink included!

Film Program:

White Hot Grid
Da Vinci
Raw Data
OMOTE / Real-time Face Tracking & Projection Mapping
Step Into the World With Your PAL198x
Ballet Meets Robotics
After the Flood
Amnesiac on the Beach
Friday, October 24
Closing Night Feature | Sepideh

6 PM | American Museum of Natural History

The Imagine Science Film Festival partners with The Margaret Mead Film Festival! Enjoy an evening at the American Museum of Natural History including a shorts program of science documentaries directed by female filmmakers from around the world followed by the feature film, Sepideh, a documentary about a young Iranian woman who dreams of becoming an astronaut. Screening followed by a panel discussion on women in science and film with Berit Madsen, Director of Sepideh, and Wendy Ettinger, award winning Producer and Director in addition to Co-Founder of Gamechanger Films.


Green Matters The Lion's Mouth Opens
Deep Weather

Berit Madsen (Sepideh)
Wendy Ettinger (Gamechanger Films)
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