Educational Programming
Educational outreach from Imagine Science Films teaches children (and adults!) science through filmmaking. The resulting films not only to capture a targeted aspect of current research but also take on an artistic quality.

Our goal is to help students create a window into the world of a science lab, enabling them to appreciate science through the filmmaking process and then to share the results with others.

We have initiated educational programs worked with Google NY, Biobase, NY Hall of Science, Lower East Side Girls Club, Columbia's Zuckerman Institute, Brooklyn Children Museum, Museo del niño y del adulto, Singapore ArtScience Museum (Singapore).
Science Cinema in Classroom

Imagine Science Films partners with educators and schools to make sci-art films available in classrooms, for students' education and enjoyment.

We have worked also with New York University, Princeton University, UCLA, Jussieu, Universitat de Barcelona. Recent partnerships included screenings at Harvard University, in Peter Galison and Robb Moss's course Filming Science.

All institutions interested in educational programming need to complete the organizational form over on our sister platform Labocine PRO -

For any inquiries involving our science film education, please contact us
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