Science New Wave
Festival XVII
October 2024
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When will the festival take place?
The 17th Annual Science New Wave Festival will take place in mid-October 2024 in New York City.

It will go for 8 days and migrate through various spots - cinemas, museums, galleries, labs.

Specific dates and theme this year will be announced early Summer.

What kinds of films should I submit?
Startle us, surprise us, amaze us! We always love films that defy categorization: show us fictional documentaries, scientific fact expressed through gripping stories, eye-grabbing data visualizations, thought-provoking experimental film, and innovative animation! And of course, we'll always welcome documentaries with a strong narrative thread, and science fiction with a sound scientific basis.

We accept submissions in shorts and features and anything in-between. We're perhaps old school but we typically want works that can be projected on a flat silver screen in a dark cinema. Works that require a headset or a dome or referred to as xR, AR, VR, MR are typically not accepted unless we announce a specific event, opening or exhibit where we welcome these "singular forms."
What are the submission deadlines and fees?
+ Submissions open Feb 15
- Early bird deadline : April 15
- Regular deadline: June 15
- Late deadline: August 15
What if I missed the late deadline?
If it is by a few days, you can send us a message to and we'll see what we can do. If it is mid-September already and you've seen (or heard) that the leaves are changing color in New York, it is preferable to submit for the following year.

We also encourage you to submit your films to our partnering platform Labocine. This incredible archive/hub/ecosystem (as the word platform doesn't do it justice) accepts film submissions year-long and curate Monthly Issues, Live Events, and Spotlight Articles.

We plan regular satellite programs with them via their Labocine PRO initiative. Their programming also includes experimental data, video art installations and more! Submit a film there via their film submission portal and their programmers get back to you typically within 1-2 days.
Are the films in competition and where will they be played
Yes. Our SNW selected films are eligible for several awards and cash prizes. Learn more about our Science New Wave Awards. Whether short or feature, your film will play in a cinema usually hybridized in a scientific and artful way with other titles!
I'm a scientist. Can I submit my experiment(al) footage?
Yes, absolutely. We always looking for raw data (microscopy, field work, simulations...) coming straight from the lab. We also love when a scientist-filmmaker poetically interprets/edits/reimagines data.

Check out our new initiative just for that via our partnering platform Labocine called SCENES. Read about the project and submit your footage to them as well on Labocine using this portal.
Where do we submit and what format do you accept?
All of our film submissions need to come through Film Freeway. If invited to the festival, you we will request digital hi-res files for screenings.
Any questions:

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