The 16th Annual Science New Wave Festival
will take place from Oct 20-27, 2023 in New York.
Check our our SNW XVI preliminary Schedule + Timeline
The competition will kick off on October 19. The mid-point Symbiosis Lab Meeting takes place on Monday, October 23 at Caveat and the Symbiosis Closing Night at Wythe Hotel Screening Room on Friday, Oct 27.

Check out the 2023 Symbiosis Participants!
Learn more about Symbiosis.
Open Call for Field Notes / Work-in-progress event on Saturday October 21 at DCTV Firehouse Cinema.
All screenings will be held at Cinema Village
This year's Imagine Science Film Festival will hereon be referred to as the Science New Wave Festival (SNW).
Our SNW XVI lineup will be announced in late September 2023. Our goal is to celebrate films where scientific pursuit is free to co-exist and blend freely across disciplines and cultures. From documentary to fiction to data, we hope to always challenge the way you understand, interpret, and appreciate scientific ideas and perspectives edition.

Festival theme: (art)ificial

"(art)ificial explores the art of the human while it acknowledges the limits of the human and the violence of its diverse art forms. What are the many forms of artificiality we humans conduct? (art)ificial is not about the artificial 'intelligent' simulations but the actual doings of human - to nature and to ourselves. By providing a counter-narrative to the assumed connotation that artificial entails under the very present wave of artificial intelligence, this year's film festival highlights the vast range of artificial modes of creation, including human intervention, intrusion of land, as well as the incoming technologies humanity develops with and through machines to highlight the very presence of the human in affected ecosystems."
- Pamela Martinez, Programming Coordinator

When and where will the festival take place?

The 16th Annual Science New Wave Festival will be full of discovery, experimentation, and magic. We're hoping to reach our audiences of artists, scientists, and hybrids within the confines of the New York City jungle and beyond.

The 8-day festival takes place from October 20 to 27.

Our Features and Short Programs are playing at the Cinema Village in New York.

Are the selected films in competition?
Yes. Every year, Science New Wave Films include a slate of 64 films that are all in competition. These works propose a visionary look on how to bring science into film.

Our films receive a Science New Wave certificate and are eligible for several awards and cash prizes. They are voted by our Science New Wave Luminary Members. Learn more about this symbolic number (64) and the process of Science New Wave certification.

The Science New Wave Award goes to a film in competition that demonstrates a bold and inventive approach to scientific storytelling. It is evaluated by how much each of the six Science New Wave traits are expressed individually as well as how the traits are combined.

The Theme-Sensitive Award is given to a film that explores this year's festival theme in a singular manner.

The In Vivo Award goes to a film that brings to the screen a daring yet realistic portrait of a scientist and/or other non-human organism.

The Avant-Garde Award celebrates a film that celebrates hybrid aesthetics and experimentation.

The Symbiosis Award is given every year for the Symbiosis scientist/filmmaker competition. Awards are sponsored by a myriad of like-minded science and art organizations.
Why is the Science New Wave movement so vital in today's times?
We're slowly coming out of a 3+ year pandemic, and our lives have permanently changed. It has never been more important to find ways to communicate science through visual storytelling and to spark conversations. We need to keep experimenting with new ways to bridge the worlds of science and cinema. We also need to prevent false or sensationalized information from reaching the public. Lastly, it is important to understand that science affects all of us in different ways, whether it is as individuals, a society, or the world at-large.

The Science New Wave Festival celebrates the idea of fluidity in form in how we tell science stories. It started in New York City but now extends its tentacles to the world by inviting filmmakers, scientists, and audiences to take part in this grand experiment. We want to keep the spirit of a borderless festival by partnering with different institutions worldwide. We encourage people to join the Science New Wave and create an art/science HABITAT ecosystem to spark collaborations and exchanges.
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