SNW 2023 Film Lineup
Every year, we select the latest crop of science cinema - doc, fiction, animation, video art, research scenes + hybridities of all type - and present these works at the Science New Wave Festival.
The 16th Annual Science Film Festival brings you films that explore our theme of the year : (art)ificial.

We're a bunch of scientists running a film festival, so let's run some stats on our film lineup and challenge the status quo, shall we?

64 films are in the selection this year from over 35 countries represented. 22 films are less than 45 minutes and 42 films are over. We have 3 World premieres, 1 International premiere, 20 United States premieres, 4 East Coast premieres and 20 New York premieres.

Check out our schedule & events around New York city.

A Science New Wave Certificate will be provided to each film team to acknowledge that their film aligns and feeds into the spirit and ideals of the Science New Wave. Each film receives a unique 18-digit DNA code that appears on its Labocine page. All films are eligible for the Science New Wave Awards.

Why 64 films every year? 64 is a symbolic number that refers to the total number of nucleotide triplet combinations (codons) of the Genetic code that translate DNA/RNA language into amino acid/proteins. Each film this year is assigned a codon this year forming the Science New Wave XVI Genetic Code.

Become a Member of the Science New Wave and present your DNA ID and get into all festival events.
Science New Wave XVI
The 2023 film selection ranges in length, form and blend aesthetics, cultures, and processes. These films represent the very essence of the Science New Wave and its underlying six traits. They push the boundaries of how science and cinema intertwine to bring us daring, avant-garde, and powerful scientific messages.

(alphabetical order)

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68.415 | Stefano Blasi & Antonella Sabatino, Italy, 20 min, 2022 NY Premiere

A Common Sequence | Mary Helena Clark & Mike Gibisser, United States, 80 min, 2023

Animalia | Sofia Alaoui, Morocco, 91 min, 2023 NY Premiere

Anoana | Line Klungseth Johansen, Norway, 5 min, 2022

Archiv der Zukunft (Archive of the Future) | Joerg Burger, Austria, 92 min, 2023 US Premiere

Batsies | Elizabeth Unger, United States, 15 min, 2023

Beautiful Figures | Soetkin Verstegen, Belgium, 4 min, 2022 NY Premiere

Bloom | Helena Girón & Samuel M. Delgado, Spain, 18 min, 2023 US Premiere

Bruit Rose (Pink Noise) | Martin Wiklund, Arthur Lemaitre & Ulysse Lefort, France, 2 min, 2022 US Premiere

Cabbage | Holly Márie Parnell, Canada, 25 min, 2023 NY Premiere

Cielo Abierto | Felipe Esparza Pérez, Peru, 65 min, 2023 NY Premiere

Croma Kid | Pablo Chea, Dominican Republic, 92 min, 2023 US Premiere

Cyborg: A Documentary | Carey Born, Australia / Denmark / Spain / United Kingdom / United States, 87 min, 2023 US Premiere

Der Molchkongress (The Newt Congress) | Matthias Sahli & Immanuel Esser, Switzerland, 16 min, 2022 NY Premiere

E6-D7 | Eno Swinnen, Belgium, 16 min, 2023 US Premiere

ECSTASY | Carolina Costa, Mexico, 8 min, 2023

Fauna | Pau Faus, Spain, 74 min, 2023 NY Premiere

Foragers | Jumana Manna, Palestine, 64 min, 2023

Herbaria | Leandro Listorti, Argentina / Germany, 83 min, 2022 NY Premiere

Hito | Stephen Lopez , Philippines, 22 min, 2022 East Coast Premiere

Holding Up the Sky | Pieter Van Eecke, Brazil, 60 min, 2023 East Coast Premiere

Hormonaal (Hormonal) | Pien van Grinsven, Netherlands, 22 min, 2023 US Premiere

HUBRIS | Jules de Niverville, Canada, 30 min, 2023 US Premiere

Ressources Humaines (Human Resources) | Trinidad Plass Caussade, Titouan Tillier, Isaac Wenzek , France, 4 min, 2023

Issues with my other Half | Anna Vasof, Austria, 6 min, 2022 East Coast Premiere

I thought I was hearing citizens | Manu Luksch & Mukul Patel, Austria, 6 min, 2023 World Premiere

Jouvencelles (Bloom) | Fanie Pelletier, Canada, 84 min, 2023 NY Premiere

Last Things| Deborah Stratman, United States, 50 min, 2023

Light Needs | Jesse McLean, United States, 72 min, 2023 US Premiere

Metabolism | Misho Antadze, Netherlands, 12 min, 2023 US Premiere

Mulika | Maisha Maene, Democratic Republic of the Congo, 14 min, 2022

Műanyag égbolt (White Plastic Sky) | Tibor Bánóczki & Sarolta Szabó, Hungary / Slovakia, 111 min, 2023 NY Premiere

Pigment-Dispersion Syndrome | Jennifer Reeves, United States, 6 min, 2023 NY Premiere

Procès-verbal (Minutes) | Matthew Wolkow, Canada, 5 min, 2023 World Premiere

Retrodreaming | Alisa Berger, Germany / Japan, 18 min, 2022 NY Premiere

Rejeito | Pedro de Filippis, Brazil, 75 min, 2023 NY Premiere

Sawo Matang | Andrea Nirmala Widjajanto, Indonesia, 21 min, 2023 US Premiere

Silent Extinction | Maja Friis, Denmark, 12 min, 2023 International Premiere

Sound to Sea | Ryan Craver, United States, 26 min, 2023 NY Premiere

Stillness of Labor | Chris Larson, United States, 9 min, 2023 NY Premiere

Strangers in The Dark | Jenni Pystynen & Perttu Inkilä , Finland, 12 min, 2023 US Premiere

TerraForma | Laurence Durkin & Kevin Brennan, Ireland, 62 min, 2023

Testudo Hermanni | G. Anthony Svatek, Austria, 7 min, 2023 US Premiere

Terra Mater - Mother Land | Kantarama Gahigiri, Rwanda, 10 min, 2023 NY Premiere

Theta | Lawrence Lek, United Kingdom, 12 min, 2022

The Antartic Gardener | Elisa Strinna, Netherlands, 24 min, 2023 US Premiere

The Arc of Oblivion | Ian Cheney, United States, 98 min, 2023

The Last of the Nightingales | Masha Karpoukhina, United States, 32 min, 2022 NY Premiere

The Night Visitors | Michael Gitlin, United States, 72 min, 2023

The Silence of the Banana Trees | Eneos Çarka, Hungary, 24 min, 2022 US Premiere

The Tuba Thieves | Alison O'Daniel, United States, 91 min, 2023 NY Premiere

The Visitors | Veronika Lišková, Czech Republic, 83 min, 2022 US Premiere

Uncanny Me | Katharina Pethke & Christoph Rohrscheidt, Germany, 45 min, 2022 US Premiere

WhatRemains, Genesis | Lou Fauroux, France, 19 min, 2023 US Premiere

Waiting Space | Carin Leong, United States, 12 min, 2023 World Premiere

White Ant | Shalini Adnani, United Kingdom / India, 14 min, 2023

Well Wishes My Love, Your Love | Gabriel Gabriel Garble, Sweden / Malaysia, 9 min, 2023
Our partnering platform Labocine provides an expanded view on our festival theme in its October 2023 Issue. These films should not be overlooked but examined more closely, carefully dissected, and appreciated without the constraint of time and space.

Head over now to Labocine to delve into the fuzzy virtual lines of nature/artifice.
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