MEET THE 2023 Symbiosis Participants



Meet the 2023 Symbiosis Participants!

Six filmmakers and six scientists will share ideas, translate scientific process(es), and create cinema magic in New York City over the course of the 16th Annual Science New Wave Festival (Oct 20-27).

The Symbiosis competition is supported the Simons Foundation.

Symbiosis brings together scientists and filmmakers to create a science-inspired short film inspired by he Science New Wave movement over the course of one week.

Learn more about the Symbiosis 2023 cohort and rules of the game. These 12 humans have been also nominated as Luminaries of the Science New Wave movement
Films are created over the course of our 16th Annual Science New Wave Festival from October 20-27.
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A day before the Science New Wave Festival begins, the 6 filmmakers and 6 scientists will be paired and sent off into the city to begin filmmaking with a $2,500 stipend in hand.

On Thursday, October 19th, scientists and filmmakers are paired at the GMT Tavern in the East Village. At the strike of midnight, the experiments begin and 8 days of beautiful insanity will unfold. The pairs make an appearance on Monday, October 23th for our Symbiosis Lab Meeting at Caveat in the Lower East Side. They will speak about their works-in-progress, share anecdotes about their weekend adventures and project themselves into 4 days into the future. The audience will provide ideas/feedback.

Our festival closing night on October 27 at the Wythe Hotel Screening Room will be the home to the Symbiosis marvels. 12 new works will be presented and celebrated and a lucky pair will be selected as the winner!

The theme of this year's Symbiosis Competition and festival is (art)ificial.

(art)ificial explores the art of the human while it acknowledges the limits of the human and the violence of its diverse art forms. What are the many forms of artificiality we humans conduct? (art)ificial is not about the artificial 'intelligent' simulations but the actual doings of human - to nature and to ourselves. By providing a counter-narrative to the assumed connotation that artificial entails under the very present wave of artificial intelligence, this year's film festival highlights the vast range of artificial modes of creation, including human intervention, intrusion of land, as well as the incoming technologies humanity develops with and through machines to highlight the very presence of the human in affected ecosystems."

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