Feature-length film and short film program to inspire the beginning or end of all your existential curiosities.
On Wednesday, October 18th, we challenge you to join us at Cobble Hill Cinemas to learn about the existence of everything and ruminate on all that's to come. Not for the faint of heart.

We will kick off our back-to-back programming at 7 PM with a screening of Polish artist Norman Leto's film, Photon, followed by our short film series, Transhuman Diaries.

PHOTON (107 min)
Feature-length film program

Nothing less than an attempt to summarize all existence from the origins of matter to the entropic dissolution of the universe (along with all of human civilization, past, present, and future), Photon is a uniquely ambitious creation. It's also an extraordinary challenge to preconceptions of the science documentary, merging rigorously researched data visualizations with distinctly subjective and irrelevant writing that forces the viewer to question the assumed monolithic authority of the sci-film narrator. Is any film expressing fallible human ideas really more of a documentary than the wildest sci-fi speculation? Watch, and decide for yourself.
Ticket and event details for PHOTON available HERE!
Short Film Program

The most increasingly relevant hybrid facing us as we approach the technological singularity may be that of humans and computers. The forms this may take have been the source of endless conjecture: cyborgs and cybernetics, government by artificial intelligence, the dystopian reliance on our devices that has already overtaken so many lives. In these films, we'll explore a few of the possibilities. Simulated reality questions inverted, transhumanist and technological-aided romance, cybernetic hallucination, benevolent AI government, and pet preferences for machines.
Ticket and event details for TRANSHUMAN DIARIES available HERE!
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