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The 15th Annual Imagine Science Film Festival will open its physical doors to all of you at Cinema Village from Oct 14-20. We will be in Screen #1 to be more precise. I know we all want to buy our single tickets but first... a bit of history. Cinema Village is located in New York's Greenwich Village, specializing in provocative foreign and independent film. Built in 1963 in the shell of a turn of the century fire station, Cinema Village is the oldest continuously operated cinema in Greenwich Village and one of the oldest continuously operated art cinemas in New York City. Purchase single tickets by visiting the Cinema Village site or going through the Calendar.

How does the festival pass work?
The Festival Pass gives you access to programs virtually + in person (indicated by ) in the Schedule. For streaming, film programs are limited to the United States because many of our films are still circulating in festivals around the globe.

Why charge for the festival? Well, it's a huge undertaking to organize an annual festival, especially a hybrid one and in these strange times. We've been at this for 15 consecutive years and have braved hurricanes, pandemics, floods, and recessions. It is a year-long effort, and there are many elements that go into bringing this one-week festival to life: programming, event hosting, staffing, licensing films, building community, and being around 24/7 to answer your questions.

With a simple ticket purchase, you are telling us that you support our mission of bridging the sciences and the arts and want to experience science movie magic!

Can I attend in-person events with a festival pass?
The short answer: Yes. But... only the events indicated by in the Schedule, and you need to be on time!

What is not included? Well, just a handful of programs, including the Opening Feature Night (10/14 @7:30pm at the Museum of Moving Image).

If "RSVP in person" is mentioned on the Schedule, these programs are FREE, but you still need to reserve a spot as there is limited capacity (and may be SOLD OUT).

With the Pass, make sure to come early (30 mins before) to the venue to get a seat. We cannot guarantee a seat if you are late.
What do I have access to with the festival pass?
With the festival pass, you have access to virtual screenings and the in-person events indicated by in the Schedule. You still need to be on time and programs may sell out.
How much is the festival pass, and where do I purchase it?
The festival pass costs $30. We think it is a fair ask for over 100 films and 40 programs across New York City and online (across the US) for 8 days. The festival pass can only be purchased on the Labocine Festival platform. We will have a computer booth set up at our venues if you want to purchase it there. It will take you less than 5 minutes on your mobile as well. We always recommend you do all this before you come to the event.
Is it possible to get multiple festival passes?
Yes, but... a festival pass is associated to a single Labocine account registered with an email. You cannot get more than one pass per Labocine account. If you need to get multiple passes, please sign up to Labocine with more than one email.

Why do it this way? Well, we want to know our audience and make sure you are a living organism who is actually coming to the festival! When you purchase a pass, you will get an electronic ticket with your name/email. We promise to not look too closely if the names don't 'exactly' match up. That said, do bring a form of ID and of course proof of your pass. As long as you are not invisible, a robot, or have multiple identities, we will most likely let you in.
I have my pass. Do I just show up with it?
For the virtual festival, the program will be made available at the Premiere time, which is the exact same time as the in-person times. If you come to a New York screening, we will ask you to present ID to match it all up. We promise to be lenient if the names don't 'exactly' match up and you have a good explanation. With the Pass, make sure to come early (30 mins before) to the venue to get a seat. We cannot guarantee a seat if you are late.
What is the difference between RSVP & Ticket Purchase?
When you RSVP to programs streaming on Labocine, it is a simple way to let us know that you're interested in this program. We will send a reminder the day of the event that this program is happening at a specified time. However, you still need to get a ticket and we recommend doing this sooner than later.

RSVP is also required for FREE events in New York City including Symbiosis Lab Meeting @ Caveat, Science New Wave Evening @ NYU Production Lab, and Symbiosis Closing Night @ Union Docs. Make sure to reserve your spot for these in-person events on Eventbrite.
I just want to get a ticket to one-single program.
For the virtual festival, its all-or-nothing. You cannot purchase a ticket for a specific program. You need to purchase the $30 Festival Pass, and by doing so, you're supporting our mission and festival!

For the in-person screenings, you can purchase single tickets at the Museum of Moving and Cinema Village. Even with the PASS, make sure to reserve a spot for our FREE programs: Symbiosis Lab Meeting @ Caveat, Science New Wave Evening @ NYU Production Lab, and Symbiosis Closing Night (RSVP Link Coming soon). There is limited capacity for all these programs (FREE and Tickets) so get your ticket today.
Our single-purchase tickets to Cinema Village Screenings will be announced shortly. They will be available on the venue site and on our Schedule + Film Lineup pages via the the hyperlinked symbol (next to each film/program)
I am part of this year's festival. Any comp tickets?

Of course... but comp tickets are limited. You will be able to get a VIP Pass that has genetic similarities to the Science Festival Pass. We cannot guarantee access to events not included with a pass or if you are late.

We will need names and emails of all your comps. I know we're into science, but we don't do "It will be me... +1, +5..."

Also, even if you are VIP, more reasons to support us
and get a pass today.

Reach out to us with more info about yourself, what you need, when, and how you're connected to the festival. Our beloved Ringo will be waiting for you...
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