Short Film program & Panel Discussion
Climate Flux
10.14 | Sunday, 1pm | New School - Kellen Auditorium
The film program will be followed by the panel discussion Translations: Approaching Scientific Issues Through Art with artist/filmmakers Cecelia Condit, Michelle Gevint, and Zahra Al-Mahdi, moderated by The New School's Elaine Savory.
Melting ice caps, ocean acidification, drought, massive dust storms. What scientists have warned of for decades are now inescapable realities. Weather is changing rapidly, and with it, our lives. In considering the many factors most likely to shape human survival over the decades to come, climate change is inescapable and dire. This was the one program we absolutely had to have this year, even before we'd begun to receive all the essential films that make it up. A study of the global systems that, ever increasingly, map the future.
Film Program (TRT 83 min):

Santa Ana (César Pesquera | 8 min | Spain | 2017)
Wind Should be Heard Not Seen (Claire Sanford | 13 min | Canada | 2018)
Imperial Valley (cultivated run-off) (Lukas Marxt | 14 min | Germany / Austria | 2018)
High and Dry: Cutting Fog for Science (Daniel & Rebecca Grossman | 3 min | USA | 2017)
Corals - Ancient Survivors (Louise Polain, Daniel Stoupin, & Pete West | 12 min | Australia | 2018)
Ice Alive (Eddie Frost | 20 min | UK | 2018)
Pizzly Bear (Cecelia Condit | 4 min | USA | 2017)
The Sweet Stench of Sulfur (Michelle Gevint | 9 min | USA | 2017)
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