the 2021 Symbiosis Participants!


Meet the 2021 Symbiosis Participants!
Our yearly short film Symbiosis competition, presented by Science Sandbox, is happening once again at the 14th Annual Imagine Science Film Festival. Symbiosis will bring together scientists and filmmakers to create a science-inspired short film themed Resistance over the course of one week. Meet our scientists and filmmakers from around the world. They will be paired up on opening night and make films together for one week.

Get ready for microbial surrealism, talking animals, geographic quandaries, cerebral projections and tributes to our mitochondrial lands and oceans.

Films are created over the course of our festival October 15-22. Learn more about the his year's festival

On opening night, 6 filmmakers and 6 scientists will be paired and sent off into the city to begin filmmaking with a $2,500 stipend in hand.

On Friday, October 15th, the scientists and filmmakers will be paired together on the opening night of the 14th Annual Imagine Science Film Festival. The pairs meet on Monday, October 18th for our Symbiosis Lab Meeting and speak about their art/science works-in-progress. The audience will provide feedback, and all final films will be screened on our closing night, October 22, when a winner will be selected!

The theme of this year's Symbiosis Competition is RESISTANCE

We're currently living in a time where resistance seems to be part of our everyday life. The act of swimming against the current but not for futile reasons but to spark change and awareness. For our 14th annual festival, we will be exploring the act of resisting from the micro to the macro level. What does it mean mean to withstand opposing forces that sometimes feel overwhelming? How does resistance measures a materials ability to resist the flow of electrons through it? How do organism resist harmful influences such as disease, toxic agents or infection?

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