Next week, join us in Boulder, for a full satellite festival focusing on a unique range of scientist-artist collaborations with University of Colorado Boulder's NEST Studio for the Arts. NEST stands for Nature, Environment, Science & Technology -- when these are reframed creatively by artists we couldn't be happier, so we're excited both to present favorite films and see more of what's taking place at NEST already. The program will mix highlights from several years of the Imagine Science Film Festival with key films created during our Symbiosis competitions. ISF Programmer Nate Dorr will be in attendance to introduce and discuss all programs.

Full line-up:

Reinventing the Laboratory (TRT: 70 minutes)
Friday, April 19 | 5:30PM | ATLAS 102

Confabulations (Begüm Aydin + Haoyan of America, USA, 2018, 4min)
The Prediction Machine (Marleine van der Werf, Netherlands, 2017, 15min)
Bonne nuit Albertine (Charlotte Arene, France, 2017, 8min)
Nematodes (Peter Burr & Alexandra Grote, USA, 2017, 3min)
In Glass Houses (Ariana Gerstein, USA, 2017, 8min)
Ex Nihilo (Timo Wright, Finland, 2018, 8min)
Paleonaut (Eric McEver, China / Japan / Singapore / USA, 2017, 16min)
Non-Linear - A journey through Time and Microcosmic Space (Linnea Rundgren, Sweden, 2015, 6min)
Wearing Well (Enrico Milanese + Markos Kay, USA, 2018, 2min)

The Unstable Biosphere (TRT: 66 minutes)
Saturday, April 20 | 11:00AM | FISKE

Extremophiles (Tracey Fanara + Leah Shore, USA, 2018, 5min)
Urth (Ben Rivers, UK, 2016, 19min)
Wind Should be Heard Not Seen (Claire Sanford, Canada, 2018, 13min)
The Sweet Stench of Sulfur (Michelle Gevint, Israel / USA, 2017, 9min)
High and Dry: Cutting Fog for Science (Daniel & Rebecca Grossman, USA, 2017, 3min)
Kaltes Tal (Johannes Krell & Florian Fischer, Germany, 2016, 12min)
In Between We Are (Giulia Grossman + Ramin Rahni, USA, 2017, 5min)

Beyond the Atmosphere
(TRT: 69 minutes)
Saturday, April 20 | 4:00PM | ATLAS 102

Singularity Song (Rachel Mason, USA, 2017, 5min)
Adrift (Cath Le Couteur ,UK / Chile, 2017, 11min)
Interstellar Matter (Joshua Peek, USA, 2018, 3 min)
Spectrum (Matt Ahern + Cidney Hue, USA, 2016, 4min)
Bow Shock (Javier Diez, Spain, 2016, 16min)
Astroturf (James Uren, UK, 2017, 1min)
5 Minutes in Space: Black Holes (David Lowe & Vivien Floris, France, 2018, 5min) Reanimation! ep.5 - Better Humans (Nadja Oertelt, USA / UK, 2018, 3min)
Solar Walk (Reka Bucsi, Denmark, 2018, 21min)

All screenings take place on the University of Colorado Boulder campus.
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