14th ANNUAL magine Science Film FESTIVAL
(OCT 15-22)


The artwork is by Zahra Al-Mahdi, a Kuwaiti artist, writer, and filmmaker, known for collage work using ink sketches layered over photographs, animation on live action, and installations that deal with dissected anatomical figures.

Zahra has been part of Imagine Science Films over the years. She presented her miniseries Bird Watch at Imagine Science Abu Dhabi and took part in the Symbiotic Competition in 2018.

The official poster of the 14th Annual Imagine Science Film Festival celebrates this year's festival theme: Resistance.

Resistance is much more than a response or a combative signal to opposing forces. It is also a way of living and diversifying in an ever-changing landscape. Through both individual and collective resistance, we allow for the equilibrium state to be perturbed and we instigate change that allows us all to better adapt and evolve.

The 14th Annual Imagine Science Film Festival will take place from Oct 15-22, 2021. We're planning a hybrid edition with our films hosted on our partnering platform

Imagine Science 2021 will also include over 20 film programs with a dozen features and over 50 shorts. The festival will host in-person special events including the Science New Wave lab event (as part of a gift given by WarnerMedia, on behalf of AT&T) and the Symbiosis Closing Night (supported by Science Sandbox).
Learn more about the artist Zahra's work by her site and watching her TED Talk.

TED Fellow Zahra Al-Mahdi was raised by screens -- "storytelling machines" like TV and the internet that shaped her sense of self and reality. Now a multimedia artist and filmmaker, she challenges common historical narratives and brings a multiplicity of perspectives to the surface. In this dynamic talk, Al-Mahdi traces her development as a storyteller using satire, dark humor and tactile collage techniques to expand what we think we know about ourselves.
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