Scientific storytelling is increasingly and fearlessly experimenting in form and style. Scientific stories are becoming more personal and hybrid, tackling issues pertaining both to the individual and the world at-large. How are artists, scientists and educators working together to create singular narratives? The boundaries between scientific data and cinema magic are dissolving. Similar to developing organisms, science films are emerging with new traits and new forms. The Science New Wave is born.
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Science New Wave - The Movement
The Science New Wave was established on August 26, 2016 in Lairoux, a commune in the Vendée department on the west coast of France.

It was initially mapped out by a committee of scientists and artists attending a town hall meeting on the devastating impact of human activity on the local bat population.

The Central Dogma have since evolved but kept faithful to these essential traits:
  • 1
    Culture is Science. Science is Culture
  • 2
    Diversity Feeds the Ecosystem
  • 3
    Experiments Become Cinema
  • 4
    Structure Dictates Function
  • 5
    Science and Story Never Collide.
  • 6
    We Are All Messengers
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