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The 15th Annual Imagine Science Film Festival will open its physical doors to all of you at Cinema Village from Oct 14-20. We will be in Screen #1 to be more precise. I know we all want to buy our single tickets but first... a bit of history. Cinema Village is located in New York's Greenwich Village, specializing in provocative foreign and independent film. Built in 1963 in the shell of a turn of the century fire station, Cinema Village is the oldest continuously operated cinema in Greenwich Village and one of the oldest continuously operated art cinemas in New York City. Purchase single tickets by visiting the Cinema Village site or going through the Calendar.

Our single-purchase tickets to Cinema Village Screenings will be announced shortly. They will be available on the venue site and on our Schedule + Film Lineup pages via the the hyperlinked symbol (next to each film/program)
I am part of this year's festival. Any comp tickets?

Of course... but comp tickets are limited. You will be able to get a VIP Pass that has genetic similarities to the Science Festival Pass. We cannot guarantee access to events not included with a pass or if you are late.

We will need names and emails of all your comps. I know we're into science, but we don't do "It will be me... +1, +5..."

Also, even if you are VIP, more reasons to support us
and get a pass today.

Reach out to us with more info about yourself, what you need, when, and how you're connected to the festival. Our beloved Ringo will be waiting for you...
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