Spectacle Theater || Monday, October 16, 10:00PM
Frozen May
Hybridized experimental sci-fi-thriller after dark.
Frozen May
dir. Péter Lichter, 2017, Hungary, 72 min.


1990, after the fall. Alone in the ambiguous tension and beauty of natural landscapes devoid of all but the remnants of civilization, a survivor seeks someone lost. This is genre film as unsettled mood and creeping doubt, a sci-fi horror script composed entirely in psychological landscape and desperate POV, perhaps a Carpenter script as reimagined by James Benning and Chantal Akerman. Whatever it is, Hunagarian experimental filmmaker Péter Lichter's first feature exerts a strange power, drawing the viewer straight into its bleak but seductive forests of fog and shadow, seeking answers, with only a broken Commodore 64 as witness and narrator.

Experimental filmmaker Péter Lichter's earlier film Look Inside the Ghost Machine showed in the 6th Imagine Science Film Festival in 2013, and we've followed his work ever since. So we're especially excited to present his new latest. Expanding his fine-honed palette of found 16mm film fragments and disjointed narrative into science fiction with equally painterly and nightmarish scenes of natural and post-human environments,
Frozen May strikes a deft, uneasy balance between thought and raw emotion, fiction and document, pulp and art.
Time and location:

Monday, October 16,10:00pm
Spectacle Theater
124 S 3rd St, Brooklyn, NY 11249


Frozen May(Péter Lichter, Hungary, 82 min)
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