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Launches the Science New Wave development fund

SHAPING THE future of science CINEMA

The Science New Wave will provide support to singular film projects that challenge and expand the role of science in the current cultural discourse and celebrate adventurous interdisciplinary collaboration across disciplines

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With the support of OneFifty | Warner Bros. Discovery, we unveil the Science Film Wave Fund.

At Imagine Science Films, we have witnessed the power of exchanges between scientists and filmmakers. We now play our part in supporting work that celebrates exchanges and the emergence of new forms in science cinema.

Why is the SNW Fund so critical?

We are going through a climate crisis, disconcerting animal extinction and ramping skepticism / denialism around scientific thought. We need more than ever science communicators and storytellers, especially those that use the power of visuals and storytelling to inform about the realities of today as well as inspire change and action

The Science New Wave aligns with Imagine Science Films' broader mission as an international resource, active network and ecosystem for filmmakers, artists and scientists interested in communicating the scientific realities of our world to public audiences.

Adhering to the Science New Wave ideals, this initiative also breaks the stereotypes that coat the 'science film' and the 'scientist,' by allowing for experimentation in process, form and output. It brings the filmmaking process at the same playing field as the scientific process, ensuring that neither is serving the other but rather working together in unison. It encourages scientists and filmmakers to equally appreciate and engage in the research and production activities of 'making a science film.'

What are the ingredients of a Science New Wave - selected project?

The Science New Wave will select a slate of projects that exemplify bold scientific storytelling and are the fruit of collaboration across disciplines. We also encourage hybrid work, merging animation, documentary, experimental, fiction, scientific data and field work. The projects will be selecting by a committee and will each demonstrate an active collaboration between the scientific community and the filmmaking team . More than mentorship, the scientists should contribute to these films via their diverse areas of research and vice-versa.

When and how will the funds be distributed?

We will be providing grants ranging from $5,000 to $10,000 to support science film projects at their early developmental stages. We will also provide more opportunities for projects to be showcased and further developed with mentors and via the film festival.

We will be launching the Science New Wave Fund officially at the 14th Annual Imagine Science Film Festival during our Science New Wave film screening and networking event on Saturday, October 16, 2021.

Submission details will be announced at this event.
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