OCT 14-21, 2022

We bring to you the latest crop of the Science New Wave.
29 features and 72 shorts from 46 countries

September 23, 2022

The 15th Anniversary Festival celebrates the SCIENCE NEW WAVE while paying tribute to the FRENCH NEW WAVE. Our audiences will be served both experiments and experiences across New York City. Many of the programs will be available for the streaming across the US on LABOCINE.
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Imagine Science XV goes from October 14-21. A total of 42 programs carefully curated and packaged. Get ready for 8 thrilling days of science cinema magic. Films, conversations, visual research & workshops. Strap in for a week of budding ecosystems that will take over the city and your minds.
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Over 100 films, including 29 features and 72 shorts, from 46 countries. This is our expansive program to date. We bring you to you the latest crop of the Science New Wave. From documentary to fiction to data, we hope to always challenge the way you understand, interpret, and appreciate scientific ideas and perspectives.
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The SCIENCE NEW WAVE Festival Pass is available via our streaming platform LABOCINE. It will gives you access to both in-person and virtual events indicated on the programs (by *). Note that there are a few NY and Labocine-specific programs. You can also get a single-ticket for New York City programs
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The Symbiosis competition, presented by Science Sandbox, pairs six scientists and six filmmakers over the course of the festival week. The symbiotic pairs embark on a production/research process to create science narratives around the theme of this year's festival.
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A new era of science filmmaking begins. With One Fifty | Warner Bros. Discovery, we present the award winners of Science New Wave Development Fund. Join us for an evening of works-in-progress + reception + the launch of a new feature on Labocine. Learn more.

The first art/science community platform of its kind launched by our partnering platform, Labocine. HABITAT seeks to help foster interdisciplinary collaborations.
Create your profile, connect with other Habitat members, and share your research videos and/or films.

Learn more about our festival partners. They help bring our festival to life by supporting our initiatives, partnering on screenings, and getting the word out there. This year, we extend our thanks to all the people and organizations that have been part of our growth and evolution over the last 15 years.
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29 Features
72 Shorts
46 Countries
43 Programs
A Festival Blueprint

The festival kicks off on the evening of October 14 with Short Programs in the afternoon at Cinema Village followed by an evening at the Museum of the Moving Image with our Feature Kick-off, Bolivian Sundance winner UTAMA.

This year's festival program is ambitious. We bring our audiences 102 films from over 46 countries packaged in 43 programs. In line with the Science New Wave principles, our program celebrates cinematic work that encourages bold and hybrid new forms of scientific storytelling. Over the course of 8 days, we will bring you provocative documentaries, mesmerizing scientific imagery, and compelling scientific fiction.

Throughout the festival, we will explore how we can explain and depict scientific experiments visually through film and how science and society intersect. This year our theme is SCIENCE NEW WAVE. We will explore the six founding traits listed in the Science New Wave manifesto through cinema and... who knows... maybe we will come up with new traits.

Our Programming Coordinator, Natalia Solórzano shares her thoughts about this year's program:

"This year's Imagine Science Film Festival is by far the most ambitious undertaking, worthy of its 15th year of existence. Films coming from corners of the world will accompany us during these 8 days. Spectators will discover the visit of supernatural presence in a Costa Rican sci-fi, Canadian confessions of grim futures, cinematographic archives of a Mexican grandmother, the journey of a climate activist from Ecuador to Switzerland, and the surreal frog downpour in the Philippines, amongst many other horizons, themes, sensitivities, and perspectives. Over 100 films from distinct voices will join our Science New Wave anniversary edition."

Artistic Director & Founder, Alexis Gambis chimes in:

"Imagine Science is now a teenager, and I look back at what where we've come. The festival has survived hurricanes, pandemics, and recessions. Survival of the fittest. It adapts with each swing, blow, or change in its habit. Experimentation, research, and community-building are part of this organization's DNA. Imagine Science acts as a mirror to show others the many ways we can create and make scientifically-enriched narratives. We are all messengers. And of course, if we haven't said it enough, we celebrate this year and forever the Science New Wave. This movement (also hybrid organism) draws inspiration from early science cinema and concepts in biological sciences. Personally, La Nouvelle Vague is on my mind these days. It gave courage to an entire generation to experiment with the rules of storytelling and break away from conventions and rules. Godard forever."

15th Anniversary Highlights

We're a bunch of scientists running a film festival, so let's run some stats... and symbols
8 days / 43 programs / 101 films / 29 features / 72 shorts / 46 countries / 8 World Premieres / 7 International Premieres / 32 US Premieres / 8 East Coast Premieres/ 21 New York Premieres.

If the pandemic wasn't enough, we are dealing with an increasing feeling of helplessness when watching a world in peril (sorry for the pessimism) on our small screens and feeds. Global warming, extinction, inequality, pandemics - have we said enough? We're constantly asked to speak up, disseminate, fight. But at times, it is also soothing to turn inwards and share our personal stories, parsing through how our habitats are intertwined with our identities. These days, environmental crisis has become synonymous with existential crisis, where reality feels far too often like science fiction.

For this year's opening film at the Museum of the Moving, we present on the big screen Alejandro Loayza Grisi's powerful first feature, Utama. This journey to the Bolivian highlands explores the connection between the environments that we are embedded in and our struggle for survival. A couple's life herding llamas is threatened by a severe drought, and their grandson tries to convince them to move to the city.

Our Saturday, October 15, at 5pm, we celebrate microbes with the US Premiere of The Invisible Extinction. Directors and scientists will join us to share their heroic journey on how to save our vanishing microbes before it's too late.

On Sunday (10/16, 9pm) evening, we travel to the past/future to the distant space city of Alphaville where a US secret agent is on a mission to find a missing person and free the city from its tyrannical rule - our Godard tribute!

In Letter from Yene (US Premiere, 10/17, 7pm), filmmaker Manthia Diawara (in attendance) shares his free thoughts about his new found family in the seaside town of Yene, Senegal. His voice-over shows the fragility in the precious town he calls home when faced with impending changes. Documentary filmmaker Ross Kauffman (Born into Brothels, 2004) chronicles in Of Medicine and Miracles the monumental task of curing cancer as seen through the harrowing experiences of one young girl, her family, and a doctor on a mission.

Visual artist Ali Cherri is back after winning with The Digger a few years. Right off the press from the 60th New York Film Festival, he brings to Imagine Science his first feature The Dam (10/20, 7pm), an esoteric affair that documents a brick worker who in his spare time builds a talking mud monster in northern Sudan.

Don't miss our highly avant-garde short films that are at the heart of what Imagine Science represents. The Short Film programs in competition represent the importance of experimentation not only in science but also in scientific filmmaking. Puppets perform based off what is written by an artificial neural network in Diteggiatura. Between the microscopic and the macroscopic, the most remote past and the future, Como Miramos (As We See) investigates the observation practices of scientists. Join us for the last day of the world. In It's Raining Frogs Outside, Maya is forced to go home to the province of Zambales. There, she confronts her childhood house that terrorizes her as frogs rain outside. Peter Galison presents a work-in-progress cut of his most personal film yet: Dream of a Shadow. The film is an experimental back and forth between the innermost personal and the astronomical, where shadows and consolation cross.

Our 72 shorts are split into 10 programs as well as the Science New Wave evening (Sat, Oct 15). Along with the film programs, we will provide more information about our conversations and in-person events.

Our initiatives

The 2022 Symbiosis competition, presented by Science Sandbox, will kick off on the first night and run alongside our festival. Join us on Monday (Oct 18, 7pm) at CAVEAT to see the works-in-progress and join us virtually or in person (Wythe Hotel) on Friday, Oct 21 at 7pm for the world premiere of the 6 films created this year by our pairs of scientists and filmmakers.

With the support of WarnerMedia OneFifty, we're launching the Science New Wave Development Fund to elevate daring projects and bring scientists and filmmakers together. This official launch date will be on the Science New Wave Evening at NYU Production Lab on Saturday, October 16.

This year, we're introducing the new sharing feature on Habitat to facilitate exchange of ideas and research with our members across the platform and broader community. Create your profile today and plug into the ecosystem of beautiful art/science misfits.
The 15th Imagine Science Film Festival runs for eight days both in person and virtually on our partnering sister platform Film premieres, conversations, workshops, and many more events. Thank you to all our partners and sponsors for making this happen every year.
Festival Registration and Ticketing starts September 23.

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