OCT 15-22

The 14th Annual Imagine Science Film Festival includes
18 features and 46 shorts from over 30 countries

September 17, 2021

64 films, including 18 features and 46 shorts, from 32 countries. All these films will be brought to you.
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28 programs spread over 8 days from Oct 15-22. Films, conversations & workshops. Strap in for a week of science cinema delirium.
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The festival will be hosted online by Premieres of LIVE events will be accessible via signing up on Labocine. Signing up for REPLAY pass will allow you to catch programs you missed. Check out our in-person events too.
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Read more about our jury of scientists, filmmakers and hybrids - many who are part of our family and coming back as jury members. Our Awards include the Science New Wave for features and In Vivo, Theme-Sensitive, Avant-Garde and Symbiosis awards for shorts.
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An initiative, presented by Science Sandbox, pairing scientists and filmmakers over the course of the festival week who embark on a production / research process to create science narratives around the theme of this year's festival.
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A new era of science filmmaking begins. With WarnerMedia One Fifty, we launch the Science New Wave Development Fund.
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The first art/science community platform of its kind. Habitat seeks to help foster interdisciplinary collaborations. Create, Connect and Share.

Learn more about our festival partners this year. They help bring our festival to life by supporting our initiatives, partnering on screenings and getting the word out there.
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18 Features
46 Shorts
32 Countries
28 Programs
This year's 14th edition will be a hybrid affair due to the ongoing world crisis we're still living in. Despite the current crisis, it was crucial for Imagine Science to bring you a full-fledged 14th annual film festival. We're committed more than ever to bringing you scientific stories. In a time where facts can easily be distorted through media, causing fear, anger, and misunderstanding, it is especially vital to share science through storytelling.

Imagine Science Films strives to cultivate an art/science ecosystem (Habitat). We celebrate science-enriched works of all forms, told through personal narratives from around the world. We hope the festival gives you hope for a better future where priorities are recalibrated and where we can take part in tackling issues, such as the COVID-19 misinformation, climate change, animals in peril, pollution, contamination, and others global issues. In regards to our programming philosophy, we purposely avoid categorizing films by genre as we believe that structure dictates function.

A bird's eye view of ISFF14

The festival kicks off on the evening of October 15. This year's festival schedule is especially ambitious. It includes 25 programs with 64 films from over 30 countries. In line with the Science New Wave principles, our program celebrates cinematic work that encourages bold and hybrid new forms of scientific storytelling. Over the course of 8 days, we will bring you provocative documentaries, mesmerizing scientific imagery, and compelling scientific fiction. Throughout the festival, we will explore how we can explain and depict scientific experiments visually through film and how science and society intersect. This year our theme is RESISTANCE, and we will explore the act of resistance from a micro and macro perspective. We're currently living in a time where resistance seems to be part of our everyday life.

Our Director of Programming Özge Calafato shares with us a few words about this year's program : "We are incredibly excited to share a compelling slate of over 60 oeuvres of new science cinema approaching this year's theme Resistance from a multiplicity of perspectives. From de-extinction to artificial immortality, from withstanding colonialism to the imminent consequences of climate change, the great diversity of the stories in the program is emblematic of our ongoing struggle to make sense of the modern world we live in and to survive in more sensible ways, as we are urged to move away from human-centered paradigms and to rethink our relationship to health, happiness and collective memory."

Artistic Director & Founder Alexis Gambis is excited to see "Imagine Science Films become more than a festival but a breeding ground for new ideas: a virtual habitat. It provides an opportunity to explore the potential and range science cinema in all its forms, thinking outside of the (science) box.

Our Festival Coordinator Veronica Castillo adds: "Science is an ongoing process that evolves just like the Imagine Science Film Festival and each year that passes we're holding more and more surprises."
A few highlights

Our selection includes 6 World Premieres, 1 International Premiere, 18 US Premieres, 10 East Coast Premieres and 10 New York Premieres.

Every year that goes by, the impact of climate change on our planet is increasingly disconcerting. For this year's opening film, David Alvarado and Jason Sussberg's provocative documentary We Are As Gods explores the controversial field of de-extinction. What should we do in the face of endangerment and extinction? How does bringing back animals to life help to resurrect ecosystems? What should we do when we reach a point of no return?

Our Saturday October 16, at 5pm, put on your winter jackets for the World Premiere of The Lake at the Bottom of the World where director and researcher Kathy Sasic's joins an international team of scientists and explores a subglacial lake buried 3,600 feet beneath the Antarctic ice to reveal hidden truths about our planet's dynamic past.

In A.rtificial I.mmortality (US Premiere, Sunday 10/17, 7pm), Canadian filmmaker Ann Shin opens Pandora's box on transhumanism, where people seek to live forever in a digital state, intertwining her journey with personal stories. In the Shadows by Erdem Tepegöz (US Premiere, 10/18, 5pm) is a dystopian Orwellian story, of a post-apocalyptic world ruled over by primitive technology where there is no indication of time and place. Sound familiar? To make us feel happy or meditate on happiness, don't miss the comedic odyssey through Tiong Bahru Social Club (Wed 10/20, 9pm), a data-driven project to create the world's happiest neighborhood in Singapore.

Don't miss our highly exploratory short films that are at the heart of what Imagine Science represents. The Short film programs in competition represent the importance of experimentation not only in science but also in scientific filmmaking. Join a mysterious congregation of animal beings in Senegal in Tang Jër or meditate on our perpetual attempts to replicate and preserve the real world in Our Ark. Feel free to forget about the world in Podesta Island, and explore a phantom island off the coast of Chile, where geographies are imagined and memories are lost. Our 46 shorts are split into 7 programs as well as the Science New Wave evening (Oct 16). Along with the film programs, we will provide more information about our conversations and in-person events.

Our initiatives

The 2021 Symbiosis competition, presented by Science Sandbox, will kick off on the first night and run alongside our festival. Tune in on Monday (Oct 18, 7pm) to see the works-in-progress and join us virtually or in person (New Lab) on Friday, Oct 22 at 7pm for the world premiere of the 6 films created this year by our pairs of scientists and filmmakers.

With the support of Warner Media OneFifty, we're launching the Science New Wave Development Fund to elevate daring projects and bring scientists and filmmakers together. This official launch date will be on the Science New Wave Evening at BRIC on Saturday, October 16.

This year, we're also introducing Habitat, an online community and platform for interdisciplinary minds. We invite everyone to join our networking events (online at and/or in-person), to create your profile at and to plug into the ecosystem of beautiful art/science misfits.
The 14th Imagine Science Film Festival runs for eight days online on our partnering sister platform where we will have premieres, international panels and workshops, a Science New Wave networking evening, and many more events.

The programs will be online but will be limited for viewing to US. A few select programs will be limited to NY.
Festival Registration and Ticketing will only be available starting October 1.

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See you in one month at the festival!
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