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Submissions Open Feb 1 - Guidelines Below

How does an intrepid film make its way, through jungles of images, seas of sound, and often years of conceptualizing and production, to the screen?

Much of the labor of filmmaking -- hours of experiments, outtakes, and test footage, not to mention scrapped scripts, endless interview transcriptions, and deep research into tangential leads -- ends up invisible in the final creation

In partnership with Labocine, we're launching the FIELD NOTES competition. We're looking for science-enriched film projects in all stages of the making : research, development, production, post-production + distribution.

We believe that ultimately every film is somewhat of a field note, living in limbo between completed and in-the-making.

Three projects in 3 different cycles will each receive a $1,000 Science New Wave Support Fund. The three projects will also have an opportunity to present their work-in-progress at the annual Science New Wave Festival.

Send Us Your Field Notes !

Submissions open Feb 1, 2024
Deadlines: Cycle 1: April 15 | Cycle 2: June 15 | Cycle 3: Aug 15

[Step 1] - Science New Wave + Habitat
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- Become a Science New Wave Member
- Complete your Habitat Profile (bio/artist statement is required) via your Labocine Account

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- In your Habitat Profile, you may submit social media handles, a few thoughts about the Science New Wave Manifesto in writing and/or video + links to your site/creative portfolio.

[Step 2] - Submit Your Film Project
- Submit your film project via Labocine's submission portal.
Specify in the form the stage the project is in : Research, Development, Production, Post-Production or Distribution.

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[Step 3] - Send us Field Notes

We will ask you to upload directly a one-page (single-spaced typewritten or handwritten) field note document. It should give us an idea of the film project (synopsis, stage in the making, why make this film). It should also indicate how our support will be useful for its evolution and what what other field notes you've submitted along with it. All this in one page!

In the spirit of Field Notes, feel free to include scribbles and sketches. You will optionally be able to submit three other files: 1 audio file, 1 image, and 1 video. If you would like to submit a treatment or script, please include with the one-page field document. But wait for our email for more details.

Any questions?
If you have any questions, email us at: Do not email us your application. It's all via Labocine.

FIELD ... NOTE: All Field Notes submissions are accessible / viewable on the platform to other Science New Wave Members as part of our mission for open-access and transparency. You can at any point add/remove/revise your Field Notes associated to a film (you have full control over your own Field Notes ~ submission material). For the winnings projects, we will not cover travel expenses to come to the Science New Wave Festival but we will provide an all-access festival pass. All submissions will be mentioned during the festival as part of our Field Notes event.
by Evan Luchkow & Kelly Sutherland
>> Check out Influence's Field Notes

How do we influence the world around us? A flow analysis tool ordinarily used in the laboratory offers new interpretations of human interaction and our place in the world.

This film was made as part of the 2023 Symbiosis initiative presented at the Science New Wave Festival XVI (Imagine Science Films) and supported by the Simons Foundation.

"Images, ideas, memory, the news, tears at airport security, makeshift darkrooms, magic, chemistry and costumes, chaos and contradictions - the making of O Seeker has been one giant puzzle."

Gavati Wad

A film barely begun, with no script.
And a film in the last throws of editing.
I speak of what happens in between.

Jenifeer Reeves

How are artists, scientists, and educators working together to create singular narratives? The boundaries between scientific data and cinema magic are dissolving. Similar to developing organisms, science films are emerging with new traits and new forms. The Science New Wave is born.
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