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Imagine Science Films is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization in existence since 2008 committed to celebrating process and output at the intersection of science and film.
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A short piece about our origins at The Rockefeller University.
Imagine Science Films is an annual science film festival in New York since 2008 that takes all across the city in diverse venues, including cinemas, universities and museums. The organization also hosts a series of satellite events worldwide, and serves as a major venue for the release of singular and bold works bridging the worlds of science and film. We also seek to challenge and expand the role of science in the current cultural discourse by providing a forum for adventurous interdisciplinary collaboration.

ISF satellite locations have included Abu Dhabi, Singapore, Berlin, Chicago, Dublin, Quito, Bologna, Hong Kong, Athens, San Francisco, Oslo, Warsaw and Geneva.

ISF runs a variety of initiatives including the science-film community Habitat, Student film labs, a year round Science Matters pop-up event series, and the scientist-filmmaker competition Symbiosis. ISF partners with science film platform Labocine, which allows audiences beyond our festival cities to view a decade of festival films.

ISF celebrates its 15th anniversary with the 15th Annual Imagine Science Film Festival that will take place in mid-October in 2022.

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