The 16th Annual Science New Wave Festival | Film Lineup Announced!
Every year, we select the latest crop of science cinema - doc, fiction, animation, video art, research scenes & hybridities of all types. We will present these works at the 16th Annual Science New Wave Festival that takes place in New York from October 20-27, 2023.

Our 16th Edition brings you 64 titles that explore our theme of the year: (art)ificial. Each film receives a SNW Certificate and will be eligible for the Science New Wave Awards.
2023 Symbiosis Participants

6 scientists, 6 filmmakers, 6 soon-to-be new works from the Science New Wave.

A scientist will be paired with a filmmaker and make a film. All shorts will be developed, directed, produced and screened during the 8-day 16th Annual Science New Wave Festival from October 20 to 27 in New York city.

The Symbiosis initiative is supported by the Simons Foundation.

Science New Wave Awards

Every year, the Science New Wave selects sixty four films and showcases them at the New York-based Science New Wave Festival. These works propose a visionary look on how to bring science into film.

The 64 films have been completed in the last year and selected by our programming team. Each of these selected films will receive a Science New Wave Certificate.

Our selected films are eligible for several awards and cash prizes. Our SNW awards are voted by our Science New Wave Luminary Members.

Image: A phylogenetic tree drawn by Darwin, in first notebook on Transmutation of Species, 1837
Science New Wave XVI Timeline
NEW YORK, OCTOBER 20-27, 2023
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    About the Imagine Science Film Festival

    Over more than a decade, Imagine Science Films (ISF) has grown into a major venue for the release of new and experimental works bridging the worlds of science and film.

    Founded at Rockefeller University, Imagine Science Films is a 501(c)(3) that produces annual science film festivals in New York, Paris, and Abu Dhabi, and at satellite events worldwide.

    Our festival cultivates an appreciation of science through our events, but also serves as an international resource and active network for those who want to communicate the scientific realities of our world to public audiences.

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