the 2022 Symbiosis Participants



Meet the 2022 Symbiosis Participants!

Our yearly short film Symbiosis competition, presented by Science Sandbox, is happening once again at the 15th Annual Imagine Science Film Festival.

Symbiosis will bring together scientists and filmmakers to create a science-inspired short film inspired by he Science New Wave movement over the course of one week. Meet our scientists and filmmakers from around the world. They will be paired up on opening night and make films together for one week.

Get ready for chimeric sea creatures, neural mysteries, voyages into the unknown and flyovers cellular landscapes and more.

Learn more about the Symbiosis 2022 cohort and rules of the game.
Films are created over the course of our festival from October 14-21. Symbiosis starts in Queens and heads to Brooklyn over the course of 8 days. Learn more about the 15th anniversary festival

On opening night, 6 filmmakers and 6 scientists will be paired and sent off into the city to begin filmmaking with a $2,500 stipend in hand.

On Friday, October 14th, the pairs of scientists and filmmakers will be announced on the opening night of the 15th Annual Imagine Science Film Festival at the Museum of the Moving Image in Queens. The pairs meet up again on Monday, October 16th for our Symbiosis Lab Meeting at Caveat in the Lower East Side. and speak about their art/science works-in-progress. The audience will provide feedback, and all final films will be screened on our closing night, October 21, at UnionDocs when a winner will be selected!

The theme of this year's Symbiosis Competition is SCIENCE NEW WAVE.

Scientific storytelling is increasingly and fearlessly experimenting in form and style. Scientific stories are becoming more personal and hybrid, tackling issues pertaining both to the individual and the world at-large. How are artists, scientists and educators working together to create singular narratives? The boundaries between scientific data and cinema magic are dissolving. Similar to developing organisms, science films are emerging with new traits and new forms.

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