Friday 01st August 2014,
Imagine Science Films

Hong Kong

Microwave New Media Arts Festival

Microwave Arts Media Festival

Imagine Science Films will be curating a program called Controlled Experiments at the 10th Annual Microwave Festival. Microwave Festival began in 1996 as an annual video art festival of the local video art institution Videotage. But as technology progressed and became more accessible, video art slowly evolved to involve other media; thus Microwave began to embrace the wider range of new media art. As the first and only art festival in Hong Kong dedicated to new media art, Microwave has steadily grown into a well-established festival that brings cutting-edge works to provoke thought in the technological hub that Hong Kong is every year.

In its 10th anniversary, Microwave Festival celebrated by becoming an independent organisation, complete with a rebranding by design partner Milkxhake and a strengthened curatorial and working team. Now stepping into our 15th year, Microwave will continue our hard work to inspire Hong Kong and the rest of the world with pioneering media artworks selected to suit themes relevant to our society today, while also avidly supporting the exchange and dialogue between artists, professionals and the general public. We envision that through the Microwave network, Hong Kong artists will be introduced to international institutions and curators, working as a platform and gateway for them to develop their art and skills. Apart from the grand annual festival, Microwave also endeavours to nurture a rising local new media arts community, organising various programmes such as educational workshops, seminars, forums and exhibitions.

For more information about the Microwave New Festival, please visit their Festival page.