Thursday 31st July 2014,
Imagine Science Films

Science Animation for Nanos

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To view the animation from our young creators who came by the workshop at the NY Hall of Science, visit our Vimeo Channel

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As we celebrate ISF’s 5th Anniversary, we are very excited to partner with our founding partner New York Hall of Science on a summer animation film series and workshop called ‘Science for Nanos’ as part of the Animation programs at the NYHOS from March 31-Sept 2.

Science For Nanos will be comprised of two parts:

Animated Film Screenings

Introduce your children to science with an afternoon of kid-friendly science-related films and fun events for the whole family. With topics ranging from nanotechnology to optical illusions, space travel, and the alphabet, there is plenty to entertain the inner child in all of us. These animated and educational shorts will capture the attention of the whole family and help make science entertaining for even the youngest in your group.

Animation Workshops: Science “in motion”

Film Screening will be accompanied by a “How To” demonstration by animators, engaging with children to help develop short 30 second animations. By working together to storyboard, create characters and sets, then animate them to create a short story, children are provided with engaging opportunities to understand scientific ideas through real contexts and storytelling.

Animations generated by visitors of the NY Hall of Science will be posted and downloadable at our Vimeo Channel Animation for Nanos. More info here.

The schedule for each weekend is as follows:

11:00am-12:00pm // Animation Workshop & Activities
12:00pm-1:30pm // Screening
1:30pm-2:00pm // BREAK
2:00pm-3:00pm // Animation Workshop & Activities
3:00-4:30pm // Screening

Weekend 1: August 11-12

click here to download program

Screening: Inside Out

From the DNA level, to the expanse of the solar system, “Inside-Out” captures a look at the relationship between ourselves and the planets. Immerse yourself in thought-provoking and entertaining insights into the rich spectrum of human existence, from the DNA level, to the expanse of the solar system. This collection of rare and unseen short films captures unique glimpses of both the microscopic and macroscopic worlds, raising questions about mysteries that science and technology endeavour to address.


Protein Expression
The Seed
Hollow Trees (Creature Cast)
The World of Synthetic Biology
Do you know what nano means?
Slow Derek (Winner: 2012 Imagine Science Dublin Festival – Visual Award)
Multicellularity (Creature Cast)
Cholesterol: Friend or foe
18 things You Need to know about genetics

Weekend 2: August 18-19

Screening: Controlled Experiment

Visually provocative, this mixed programme of short and feature films investigate the role of the experimenter, including unseen footage created by scientists in laboratories around the world, UCD Imagine Science Films gives you the opportunity to watch scientists portraying their work through film and digital media. Special presentation of films by CreatureCast, a animated series that brings you stories about the unexpected world of animals.


Tangled String
Fried Egg Jelly
Squid Iridescence
Lancet Liver Fluke
Echinoderm Skin
Jumping Spider
Resurrection Fern
Passing Cloud
Life on a Lobster Mouth
Larvacean Houses
How Do Krill Grow?
Antarctic Krill Love Dance
How to Hide
Refraction: The Alphabet
Meet the Elements
An Eyeful of Sound (Winner, Nature Scientific Merit Award 2010)
The Inventor
Pitch Drop Experiment

Weekend 3: August 25-26

Screening: Imagine Consciousness

This film program features a selection of films addressing the subject of imagination and examines the age-old struggle to define consciousness. From Aristotle and Plato to Einstein and modern philosophers, ISF presents an unusual look at what makes us human and the role of imagination in propelling conscious thought.


When I am 18
Dinosaur Ballet
The Dying Physicist
Long Journey of a Fish
Lost and Found
Stairs To No End
Don’t Swim After Lunch
Melissa’s Story
Whale Fall
Darkened Horizons
Astronomer’s Sun