Friday 01st August 2014,
Imagine Science Films


At the ISF lab, a collaboration between the innovative Luis Violante, a graduate student at the Interactive Telecommunications Program (ITP) at NYU and Alexis Gambis, artistic director of Imagine Science Films, leads to the creation of a a new microscope called “ImagineScope”, which made its first appearance at the Maker Faire at the New York Hall of Science in September 2011.

The imagineScope is designed to play films. It is the first creation from the Imagine Science lab and explores new uses for the standard microscope. It aims to teach children how to use microscope via motion pictures, appreciate the sense of personal viewing and reflect on the infinitely small and big worlds.

How it works

The imagineScope uses a a eyepiece with a 10x magnification as its upper body and viewing system. It re-appropriates a use for a common technology for viewing of the microscopic world. In its first model, the instructions are written on the platform below the eyepiece. With just a simple tap of a slide, the user triggers a film. There is an option for viewing with headphone or with built-in speakers. Ten slides come with the imagineScope that can be programmed to play any films.

As with the original Nickolodeon Movie Theater, the imagineScope with its microscopic look recreates  a intimate space for watching films, and disconnects you from the surrounding worlds for a few minutes.

imagineScope at the MakerFaire in New York

Preview of the design


Sept 2011:  MakerFaire // New York
July 2012:  MakerFaire // Dublin
August 2012: Animation Workshop & Screenings,  NYSci // New York
Sept 2012: BioBus, New York

For info on how to bring the imagineScope to you or to order your own imagineScope, please email us at

Special thanks to Rose Meacham & Lance Gambis.