Wednesday 23rd July 2014,
Imagine Science Films

Film Lab

— Submissions are not yet open —

The Film Lab is a new ISF project that turns the science lab into the film studio, bringing scientists and filmmakers together to make imaginative short films.

Imagine a filmmaker interested in genetics immersing himself in the life of a biotechnology lab, to observe the research process and talk with research scientists.  Together the filmmaker and a geneticist conceive and produce a short film.  It might be an animated dream of dancing chromosomes, the story of an escaped fruitfly’s night on the town, or anything else that emerges from this cross-pollination of science and art.


In our first year, we will only accept applications from filmmakers living in New York City, who have already found and received necessary permissions from a New York science lab.  (In future years, we hope to serve as a matchmaker between filmmakers and science labs the world over.)  Filmmakers must commit to a one-month observation / development period in which they spend at least 20 hours a week at the lab, and one-month production period.

We are looking for filmmakers who:

  • have a demonstrable interest in science, and a promising idea for a short film that can be shot in
  • collaboration with a research lab;
  • have the enthusiastic support of a scientist, and the consent of the lab where the film will be shot;
  • can convince us that they will actually complete an imaginative short film (under 10 min.) by the
  • end of the second month;
  • can demonstrate an ability to do great things on a minimal budget.

Interested filmmakers should submit:

  • a one-page treatment for the short film they would like to make;
  • short bios for the filmmaker and the collaborating scientist;
  • a brief letter of intent signed by the filmmaker, collaborating scientist and head of lab.