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This is and is not a film.

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Jessica Brillhart | 7 min | USA | 2013


(Watch in the ISFF 2013 Screening Room)

This is a film (or not a film, depending on what part of the multi-verse you’re from) about harnessing the laws of the universe in a computer chip, and the efforts of NASA, Google, and D-Wave to do so.

The Art of Code, 6th Annual Imagine Science Film Festival
7:00pm | Friday, October 11, 2013
Google NY

Director – Jessica Brillhart
Executive Creative Director – Kevin Proudfoot
Executive Producer – Lorraine Yurshansky
Post Production Supervisor – Ryan Burke
Production Company – Flies Collective
Director of Photography – Daniel Carbone
Editor – Jeff Conrad
Animation – Ataboy Studios, Mixtape Club
Finishing and VFX – Artjail
Sound Design and Mix – Ryan M. Price
Music – Fall on Your Sword

Jessica Brillhart is a lover of science, technology, and cinematic excellence. She’s a filmmaker at Google’s Creative Lab where she makes gloriously awkward attempts at putting these things together.

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