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5th Annual ISFF Program Themes & Highlights

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With new events, panels, receptions, and the largest selection of science based films to date, the 5th Annual Imagine Science Film Festival promises to be an exciting week of films presenting scientific fact in compelling visual narrative.

The theme for the 5th Anniversary Festival is Imagine Consciousness. Film screenings will present films that stimulate the synapses and the senses by exploring the inner mind of the subconscious, and how our own perceptions are formed. Each film program and panel will address this topic from various perspectives, sharing research from some of the top scientists in their fields to fully reveal the mysteries behind conscious thought and what it means to be human.

The selection of films has nearly doubled from the previous festival and includes over 140 films from 26 different countries. Screenings and events will take place at 8 different venues located across the tri-state area and ranging from museums, to bars, cinemas, and universities. The diversity in location and venue enables Imagine Science Films to reach eclectic audiences in Brooklyn, Queens, Manhattan and New Jersey. 

We are excited to open the festival on the evening of November 8, 2012 at the Museum of Moving Image with the US Premiere of The End of Time by Peter Mettler. The feature documentary film takes us on an explorative journey through time, from the particle accelerator at the CERN in Geneva, where scientists seek to probe regions of time we cannot see, to the lava flows in Hawaii.

At the New York Academy of Sciences, we will explore the world of dream and the subconscious with a panel of scientific experts and talented filmmakers called The Strange Science of Sleep and Dreams. Featuring a live demonstration of The Dreamachine, visual data straight from the laboratory, and pertinent film clips, the audience will be enlightened about what the mind is doing while we sleep.

In honor of this anniversary year, Imagine Science Films is hosting full day programs devoted to avant-garde science bits, documentaries, footage from actual lab experiments and kid-friendly science-based films. 

Breaking the boundaries of scientific filmmaking through an eclectic film lineup of science based fictional narratives and cutting edge visual data straight from the lab bench. In the Controlled Experiments program at the Bell House bar in Brooklyn, we present imaginative experiments, photo-microscopy and time-lapse imaging from working scientists around the world. Do not miss the rare chance to see some of the first images of microscopic life, captured by historic fine art photographer Roman Vishniac in the 1960s.

At the established basic research institute at The Rockefeller University, we celebrate the life of microbiologist Doctor Norton Zinder with a documentary gem: Stop and Go: An Experiment in Genetics. This historic film has been preserved on color 16mm film, and depicts Doctor Zinder in the midst of conducting his groundbreaking research in his lab at Rockefeller University. He explains how his studies of bacteria determined our conclusions about the factors responsible for bacterial sex.

Do not miss Professor Nieto’s live experiments at The Bell House on November 14th, where he will demonstrate his expertise in designing experimental protocols to study animal communication. He has taught cinematographic language to a monkey, revived a strange bird and made fetal pigs sing. But for this event, Professor Nieto will travel from Paris to unveil a new experiment to our New York audience that will both shock and thrill.

On November 16th at the School of Visual Arts Theatre, we arrive at the finale of the Imagine Science Film Festival: Brain Mise-en-Scene. This closing night program features a mind-blowing theatrical tour presented in three acts, each exploring different regions of the brain through film, performances and live cerebral experiments.

Other festival programs include: Death, Diseases & Devotion, Space Confessions, Science For Nanos, From One Bit to the Next, Avant-Garde Science, Microbial Beings and Their Many Traits,  Controlled Experiments Others Speak, & Imagine Consciousness.

For a complete list of festival programs and events, please visit our showtimes page:

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