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Doctor Teller’s Strange Loves

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Alex Pasternack | 13 min | USA | 2012

Edward Teller, the father of the hydrogen bomb, had a thing for nuclear bombs. He wanted them bigger, smaller, faster, used in ways that no one had thought of before or since, and always more of them. He suffered no fools, and though he would be more vilified than any other American scientist in the 20th century, he always dismissed his critics as lacking in common sense or patriotism. Amid Cold War paranoia and fears of the Soviet nuclear program, the stakes were simply too high: for the free world, building the most powerful weapon in history was a matter of life and horrible death. And yet, few knew that near the end of his life, he began to pursue a radically new vision: a safer and more peaceful plan for the future of the nuclear power that he loved so much.


Avant-Garde Science, 5th Annual Imagine Science Film Festival
9:00pm | Saturday, November 10, 2012

Alex Pasternack is a journalist, filmmaker, and former Princeton-in-Asia fellow in Beijing, and the current editor of Motherboard, a “cutting edgy” science and technology culture site, where he also acts as supervising producer for their award-winning documentary series. He is passionate about the future of cities, and co-founded Weeels, the taxi-sharing app suite, and Starlab, the social transit research lab.

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