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Tri-State Open Science Challenge hosted with GenSpace (Sept 4- Oct 19)

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Challenge Guidelines

Assay Depot and Genspace are hosting the Tri-State Open Science Challenge to challenge amateur scientists in the Tri-State area, ages 10 to 110, to come up with next “big” research idea. Submit your hypothesis and research plan and join the competition to win research funding!

The Prizes

Salk Prize: $5,000 in research funding open to any type of research project

Feynman BioArt Prize: $5,000 in research funding for Art, Design, and Architecture projects involving biotechnology (BioArt)

DTRA Defense Prize: $5,000 in research funding for projects related to chemical or biological defense. Learn more about the DTRA Defense Prize technical guidelines.

Golgi Prize (under 18 only): $1,000 in research funding

Winners of the Salk, Feynman, and DTRA prizes also receive a one-year paid membership to Genspace, a community biotechnology laboratory located in Brooklyn, NY. Golgi Prize winners will receive mentorship from Genspace scientists.

Winners will receive $500 to spend on any project related expenses; the remainder of the prize money is earmarked for research services ordered on Assay Depot necessary to carry out the project. Assay Depot will cover research expenses, but any legal agreements or non-expense related work is done between the winner and science provider.

Who Can Apply?

The competition is open to all Tri-State residents (New York, New Jersey, Connecticut) including past, current and future scientists, science club members, science competitors and citizen scientists. We are open to submissions from outside the Tri-State area, but preference may be made to Tri-State residents. Anyone with a good idea that can be tested in Assay Depot’s online laboratory or in Genspace’ community laboratory should apply.

How to Apply

Submit a 1-2 page proposal, 5-10 page powerpoint, OR video submission (3 minute maximum) that explains the central hypothesis you want to test and how you plan to test it; include a section detailing the project’s budget and research services needed. If necessary, you can include up to 2 pages of images, references or other supplemental information in an appendix. Please also include your full name, a phone number we can reach you at, and any organizations you may be associated with.

Please indicate what prize you are submitting for and be sure to explain how your project fits the prize guideline. Under 18 participants may only submit to the Golgi (under 18) prize.

Submit your proposal to our submission form or to Timothy Chen at tchen@assaydepot.com.

Application Deadline

The final submission deadline is Oct 19, 2012. Assay Depot and GenSpace will announce the winners in early November.


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